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The Cynthia Cary Collection: A Checklist



A. Hepplewhite and Co. The cabinet-maker and upholsterer's guide. London, 1788. 

______ . The cabinet-maker and upholsterer's guide. London, 1789.


______ . The cabinet-maker and upholsterer's guide. 3rd ed. London, 1794. 


Ackermann, Rudolf. See A series, containing 44 engravings in colours, of fashionable furniture.


Adam, Robert. Designs for vases and foliage, composed from the antique.London, 1821. 


Adam, Robert, and James Adam. The works in architecture of Robert and James Adam, Esquires. London, 1778-1822. 3 vols. 


Albertolli, Giocondo. Alcune decorazione di nobili sale ed altri ornamenti. [Milan], 1787. 

______ . Miscellanea per i giovani studiosi del disegno. Milan, 1796.

______ . Ornamenti diversi. Milan, 1782. 


Baretti, P. A new book of ornaments on 16 leaves for the year 1762. [London, 1762].


Barrow, John. Dictionarium polygraphicum, or, The whole body of arts regularly digested. London, 1758. 2 vols.


Berain, Jean. Desseins de cheminees. [Paris, ca. 1700].


Brunetti, Gaetano. Sixty different sorts of ornaments. [London], 1736.


Busby, Charles Augustus. A collection of designs for modern embellishments.London, [1810?].


Carwitham, John. Floor-decorations of various kinds. London, [1739]. 

Catalogue of metal fittings. See [Manufacturer's trade catalog of metal fittings].


Chambers, Sir William. Designs of Chinese buildings, furniture, dresses, machines, and utensils. London, 1757.

______ . Desseins des edifices, meubles, habits, machines, et utenciles des chinois. London, 1757.

______ . Plans, elevations, sections, and perspective views of the gardens and buildings at Kew in Surry. London, 1763.

______ . Traite' des edifices, meubles, habits, machines et ustensiles des chinois.Paris, 1776.


______ . A treatise on civil architecture. 2nd ed. London, 1768.


Chippendale, Thomas. The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director. London, 1754.


______ . The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director. 2nd ed. London, 1755.


______ . The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director. 3rd ed. London, 1762.


______ . Le guide du tapissier, de I'ebeniste et de tous ceux qui travaillent en meubles. 3rd ed. London, 1762.


______ . Chippendale's designs for sconces, chimney and looking glass frames in the old French style. [London, ca. 1830-1840].


______ . Chippendale's ornaments and interior decorations in the old French style. London, [1830-1840].

Chippendale's ornaments and interior decor-ations in the old French style.London, 1834.


Cipriani, Giovanni Battista. Scelta de ornati antichi e moderni. Rome, [1801].


Collins, J. A new book of shields. [London, 1752].


Columbani, Placido. A new book of ornaments containing a variety of elegant designs for modern pannels. London, 1775.

______ . Vases and tripods on twelve plates. [London, 1770?]. See also Milton, Thomas.


Copland, Henry. A new book of ornaments. London, 1746.


______ . A new book of ornaments. [London, 1752?].


Crunden, John. The joyner and cabinet-maker's darling. London, 1770.

______ . The joiner and cabinet maker's darling. London, 1786.

See also Milton, Thomas; Morris, J. H. 

Currus civilis, or; Genteel designs, for coaches, chariots, postchaises. London, [1774). 


Darly, Matthias. A book of vases, tripods, etc., antique and modern. [London, 1770?]. 

______ . A complete body of architecture. London, 1773.

______ . The ornamental architect, or Young artists instructor. London, 1771.

______ . Sixty vases by English, French & Italian masters. [London, 1768].

See also Edwards, George, and Matthias Darly.


Decker, Paul. Chinese architecture, civil and ornamental. London, 1759. 2 vols.

______ . Gothic architecture decorated. [London, 1759]. 2 vols.


Dc La Cour, William. First (-eighth) book of ornament. [London), 1741-1747. 8 vols. in one.

Designs for sconces. See [Manufacturer's trade catalogue of sconces].


Dossie, Robert. The handmaid to the arts. London, 1758. 2 vols.

______ . The handmaid to the arts. London, 1764. 2 vols.


Du Perron. A new book of chimney pieces. London, [n.d.].


Edwards, George, and Matthias Darly. A new book of Chinese designs. [London], 1754.

Eighteen vases, modern and antique. London, [ca. 1765-1780].


Espie, Felix Francois, Comte d'. The manner of securing all sorts of buildings from fire. London, [1756?].


Euclid. Elementa geometriae. Venice, 1482.


Evelyn, John. Sylva, or A discourse of forest trees and the propagation of timber in His Majesty's dominions. London, 1664.


Flach, Thomas. A book of jewelers work. [London], 1736.


Fordrin, Louis. Livre de serrurerie de composition anglaise. Paris, [1723?].

______ . Nouveau livre de serrurerie. Paris, [1723].

Fourteen vases from the antique. [London, ca. 1765-1780].


Gribelin, Simon. A book of severall ornaments. [London?], 1682.

______ . A new book of ornament.. [London], 1704.


Halfpenny, William. A new and compleat system of architecture. London, 1759.

_____ . New designs for Chinese temples, triumphal arches, garden seats, palings, &c. London, 1750.


Havard, Henry. Dictionnaire de l'ameublement et de la decoration depuis le XlIIe sie`cle jusqu'a` nos jours. [Paris, n.d.]. Vol.4 only.


Hepplewhite, George. See A. Hepplewhite & Co.


Hofmann, Friedrich Gottlob. Neues Verzeichniss und Muster Charte des Meubles~Magazin. Leipzig, 1795.


Hope, Thomas. Household furniture and interior decoration. London, 1807.


Hoppus, Edward. The gentleman's and builder's repository. London, 1737.

______ . The gentleman's and builder's repository. 3rd ed. London, 1748.

______ . The gentleman's and builder's repository. 4th ed. London, 1760.


See also Palladio, Andrea, Andrea Palladio's architecture.


Huet, Christophe. A new book of hunting trophies. [London, 1757?].

Ideas for rustic furniture proper for garden seats, summer houses, hermitages, cottages, etc. London, [1790?].


Ince, William, and John Mayhew. Le systeme universel de garniture de maison.London, [1764?].

______ . The universal system of household furniture. London, [1762?].


J. & 0. Westwood. [Manufacturer's trade catalogue of chimneypiece ornaments. London, ca. 1776-1777]. 


Johnson, Thomas. [A book of carver's designs.] Westminster, 1758. Two copies.


______ . A book of ornaments. London, 1834.


______ . One hundred & fifty new designs. London, 1761.

______ .Twelve gerandoles. London, 1761.


Jones, Inigo. Designs of Inigo Jones and others. [London, 1743?]. Three copies.


______ . The designs of Inigo Jones. London, 1770. 2 vols. in one.

______ . Some designs of Mr. Inigo Jones and Mr. Wm. Kent. [London], 1744.


Jones, William. The gentlemens or builders companion. London,1739.

See also under Manuscript Materials: A collection of drawings....


Jones, J. A new book of ironwork. London, 1759.


Kent, William. See Jones, Inigo, Some designs of Mr. Inigo Jones and Mr. Wm. Kent.


King, Thomas. King's designs for cabinet-makers and upholsterers. [London, 1835?).


Langley, Batty, The city and country builder's treasury of designs. London, 1740. 


______ . The city and country builder's treasury of designs. London, 1741.


______ . The city and country builder's treasury of designs. London, 1745.


______ . The city and country builder's treasury of designs. London, 1750.


______ . The city and country builder's treasury of designs. London, 1756.


______ . The city and country builder's treasury of designs. London, 1770.


______ . Gothic architecture, improved by rules and proportions. London, 1747.


______ . A sure guide to builders, or The principles and practice of architecture.London, 1729.


Le Brun, Charles. Grand escalier du chateau de Versailles dit Escalier des ambassadeurs. Paris, [1720].

The Leeds chair-makers' book of prices. Leeds, 1827.


Le Potre, Jean. Frizes etc. in 16 plates. London, [1670?].


Lock, Matthias, A book of tables, candle stands, pedostals, tablets, table knees etc. [London, 1768?].


______ . A drawing book of ornament. [London?], 1743.


______ . A new drawing book of ornaments, shields, compartments, &c.(London, 174-?].


______ . A new drawing book of ornaments, shields, compartments, &c.[London, 174-?].

________ . A new book of ornaments for looking glass frames, chimney pieces &c.&c. in the Chinese taste. . London, [174-?].


______ . A new book of ornaments. London, 1750.


______ . A new book of ornaments with twelve leaves consisting of chimneys, sconces, tables, spandle pannels, spring clock cases & stands. London, 1752.


______ . A new book of ornaments consisting of tables, chimnies, sconces, spandles, clock cases, candle stands, chandeliers, girondoles, &c.. London, 1768.


______ . The principles of ornament, or,; The youth's guide to drawing foliage.London, [1765?].


______ . Six sconces. [London], 1744. 


______ . Six tables. [London], 1746.

See also Chippendale's ornaments....


Lockington, John. Book of ornamented crests. London, 1791. 

______ . Book of ornamented crests. London, 1812.


London Cabinet Makers. Committee of Masters and Journeymen. The London cabinet maker's union book of prices. London, 1824.


London Cabinet Makers. Committee of Masters and Journeymen. The London cabinet maker's union book of prices. London, 1836.


London Cabinet Makers. Committee of Masters and Journeymen. The cabinet-maker's London book of prices and designs of cabinetwork. 3rd ed. London, 1803.


M. & G. Skidmore. Designs of stoves, ranges, virandas, railings, belconets, etc.London, [1811].


[Manufacturer's trade catalogue of chimneypiece ornaments.] See J & O. Westwood.


[Manufacturer's trade catalogue of metal fittings. Birmingham?, 1760-1770?].


[Manufacturer's trade catalogue of metal fittings for furniture, etc. Birmingham?, 1760-1780?].


[Manufacturer's trade catalogue of sconces. Birmingham?, 1760-1780?].


Manwaring, Robert. The cabinet and chair-maker's real friend and companion.London, 1765.


______ . The cabinet and chair-maker's real friend. London, 1775.


______ . The carpenter's compleat guide to the whole system of Gothic railing.[London], 1765.


______ . The carpenter's compleat guide to the whole system of gothic railing.London, 1775.


______ . The chair-maker's guide. London, 1766.


Marot, Daniel. Werken van D. Marot opperboumeester van zijne maiesteit Willem den Derden, koning van Groot Britanje. [Amsterdam?, 1712?].


Mayhew,John. See Ince, William. 


Meissonier, Juste Aure`le. A book of ornaments. [London], 1737.


Middleton, Charles. Designs for gates and rails suitable to parks, pleasure grounds, balconys, etc. London, [1800?].

______ . Model und Reifsbuch fur Zimmerleute u: Tischle. Leipzig, [1804?).


Milton. Thomas. The chimney~piece~maker's daily assistant… from the original drawings of Thomas Milton, John Crunden, and Placido 

Columbani. London, 1766.


Moreau, Jean Charles Alexandre. Fragmens et ornemens d'architecture dessines a Rome. [Paris. 1800].


Morris, J. H. Carpenter's companion for Chinese railing and gates. London, 1765.


Morris, Robert. The architectural remembrancer. London, 1751.


______ . Architecture improved. London, 1751.


Neve, Richard. Arts improvement. or Choice experiments and observations in building, husbandry. gardening. London, 1703.


Nicholson, Peter, and Michael Angelo Nicholson. The practical cabinet-maker, upholsterer, and complete decorator. London, [1826].

______ . Practical carpentry. joinery, and cabinet-making. London, 1826.

Ornamental iron work .London, [1795?].

Ornaments displayed... containing... examples of foliage and friezes. London, [1775?].


Pain, William. The carpenter's and joiner's repository. London, 1778.

______ .The carpenter's and joiner's repository. A new ed. London, 1792.

______ . The practical builder or Workman's general assistant. London, 1774.


Palladio, Andrea. Andrea Palladia's architecture, in four books... Carefully revis'd and redelineated by Edwd. Hoppus. London, 1736.

______ . The four books of architecture....Translated ly Isaac Ware. London, [1738].


Parsons, William. A new book of cyphers. London, 1704.


Passe, Crispijn van de. Oficina arcularia. Amsterdam, 1642.


Pearce, Edward. [Friezes.] London, 1640. 


______ . [Friezes.] London, [1665?].


Pergolesi, Michel Angelo. [Designs.] London, 1777-1792.


Pillement, Jean. Recueil du nouvelles fleurs de gout, pour Ia manufacture des etoffes de perse. Paris, 1770.


Pineau, Nicolas. [Cartouches.] Paris, [17-?].

______ . Nouveaux desseins de pieds de tables et de vases et consoles de sculpture en bois. Paris, [17-?].

The plate-glass book; to which is added The compleat appraiser. A new ed. London, 1771.


Pricke, Robert. The architect's store-house. London, 1674.


______ . The ornaments of architecture. London, 1674.


Richardson, George. A book of ceilings. . . London, 1776.


______ . A collection of ceilings.... London, 1793.

________ . A collection of ornaments in the antique style. London, 1816.


______ . A new collection of chimne, pieces. London, 1781.


______ . New designs of vases and tripods decorated in the antique taste.London, 1793.


Ripley, Thomas. See Ware, Isaac.


Robertson, W. A collection of various forms of stoves, used for forcing pine plants, fruit trees, and preserving tender exotics. London, 1798.

______ . Designs in architecture for garden chairs, small gates for villas [etc.].London, 1800.


______ . Desseins d'architecture. London, 1800.


Rossi, Angelo. A new book of ornaments. London, 1753. 


Salmon, William. Polygraphics. London, 1672.


______ . Polygraphics. London, 1675.


______ . Polygraphics. London, 1678.


______ . Polygraphics. London, 1685.


Schubler, Johann Jacob. Erste [-zwantzigste] Ausgabe seines vorbehanden Wercks. Augsburg, [1720-1730].

A series, containing 44 engravings in colours, of fashionable furniture. London, 1823.


Shearer, Thomas. See London Cabinet Makers. Committee of Masters and Journeymen.


Sheraton, Thomas. The cabinet dictionary. London, 1803.2 vols.

_______ . The cabinet-maker and upholsterer's drawing-book. London, 1793.

_______ . The cabinet-maker and upholsterer's drawing-book. 3rd ed. London, 1802.

_______ . The cabinet-make,; upholsterer and general artist's encyclopedia.[London, 1804?].

_______ . Designs for household furniture. London, 1812.

_______ . Modell und Zeichnungsbuch fur Ebenisten, 7ischer, Tapezirer und Stuhlmacher. Leipzig, [1794].


Smith, George, Upholsterer to His Majesty. The cabinet-maker and upholsterer's guide. London, 1826.

_______ . A collection of designs for household furniture and interior decoration.London, 1808.

_______ . A collection of ornamental designs, after the manner of the antique.London, 1812.


Society of Cabinet Makers. See London Cabinet Makers. Committee of Masters and Journeymen.


Society of Upholsterers, Cabinet Makers, etc. (London, England). Genteel house-hold furniture. 2nd ed. [London, 1762].

_______ . Household furniture in genteel taste for the year 1760. [London, 1760].

_______ . Household furniture in genteel taste for the year 1763. [London, 1763].


Swan, Abraham. The British architect, or; The builders treasury of staircases.London, [1745].

_______ . Designs for chimnies. London, [1765].


Tijou, Jean. A new booke of drawings. London, 1693.


Toms, W. Thirty six new, original & practical designs for chairs. [London?, 1835?].


Vredeman de Vries, Paul. Plusieurs menuiseries. [N.p., 1630?].


Wallis, N. The complete modern joiner London, [1772].

_______ . The complete modern joiner. London, 1783.


Ware, Isaac. The plans, elevations and sections; chimney-pieces, and ceilings of Houghton in Norfolk; the seat of the Rt. Honourable Sr. Robert Walpole. (London], 1735.

See also Jones, Inigo, Designs of Inigo Jones and others.


Welldon, William. The smith's right hand, or; A campleat guide to the various branches of all sorts of ironwork. London, 1765.


Westwood, John and Obadiah. See J. & 0. Westwood.


Wrighte, William. See Ideas for rustic furniture.


Yates, H. Book of ornament. (London], 1752. 


A collection of mid~18th century drawings illustrating architectural details, after (?) William Jones and Robert Morris. (Sixty-eight leaves with pen, ink and watercolor drawings bound as a single volume.]

A collection of original furnishing accounts with the London firm of Ince & Mayhew entitled "Heytesbury bills for furniture & receipts from 1782 to 1787." [Portfolio containing proposals, drawings and bills, etc.]

[Examples of Hitchcock chairs, probably a maker's catalogue. Imprint wanting, 1835?] [Fourteen designs painted on lacquered cardboard, folded within a tooled and gilt leather binding.] 

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