Maud Howe Elliott

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b. Boston, MA, November 9, 1854

d. Newport, RI, March 19, 1948


Born at Perkins Institution for the Blind.  The youngest of four daughters and fifth of six children. 


A founder of the Newport Art Association; serves as secretary (1912-1942).  Miantonomi Park Memorial Commission member, responsible for the memorial for the First World War (the tower). 


Made Newport her home.  From 1918 lived at "Lilliput," located at #150 Rhode Island Avenue (this part of Rhode Island Avenue once known as "Lover’s Lane"). Died at home; funeral at Channing Memorial Church. 


Prominent figure in the field of literature.  Privately educated under her mother’s guidance in this country and in Europe.  Influenced by parents' civic background and circle of friends which included Emerson and Longfellow. 


Married John Elliott, an English artist, on February 7, 1887.  Lived in Chicago (1892-93) and Italy (1894-1900/1906-1910). 


Some 20 books to her credit.  First novel A Newport Aquarelle (1883) achieved immediate success, published anonymously as part of the Robert Brothers’ "No Name Author" series.  This Was My Newport  (1944) published when she was about 90 years old. 


Maud and two of her sisters are awarded the first Pulitzer Prize (1917) in the Biography or Autobiography category; the book: Julia Ward Howe 1819-1910, by Laura E. Richards and Maud Howe Elliott, assisted by Florence Howe Hall.  



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