Julia Ward Howe

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b. New York City, NY, May 27, 1819

d. Newport, RI, October 17, 1910


Writer, poet, leader for suffrage, reformer, and author of "Battle Hymn of the Republic."  First woman elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters (1908). 


Born into a wealthy New York City family. Receives education from governesses and in private schools. Childhood spent in NYC. 


Descendant of two colonial Rhode Island governors, Richard and Samuel Ward. 


In 1831 Howe family arrives on Aquidneck Island as summer residents. Family lives in various locations before purchasing home known as "Ashurst Cottage," "Buttonwood," and most often referred to as "Redwood Lodge." House at corner of Bellevue Avenue and Old Beach Road no longer exists -- present grounds of Redwood Library.


On visit to Boston in 1841, meets future husband Samuel G. Howe, noted philanthropist, educator, founder of the Perkins Institute for the Blind.  Marries April 23, 1843.  Settles in Boston; not well-received because of  New York background; helps husband in the anti-slavery periodical, the Commonwealth


In the early 1850s, Julia establishes summer residence in South Portsmouth at Lawton's Valley.  Not far away, another property is purchased.  Known as "Oak Glen," it becomes a long-time summer home.  House stands at 745 Union Street. 


Introduces the idea in the United States of establishing Mother's Day. This idea did not originate in America, and other women were instrumental in its organization.


Gains national recognition upon publication of "Battle Hymn of the Republic"in Atlantic Monthly.  Written in 1861, published in February 1862; Ward received four dollars.  This hymn is composed to the rhythm of "John Brown's Body." 


In 1868, the New England Woman's Club is formed.  Julia is one of its first vice presidents.  Becomes president of the New England Woman Suffrage Association. The following year, becomes one of the leaders of the American Woman Suffrage Association. 


Responsible for establishing the Town and Country Club. Members of club include Samuel Coleman, Charlotte Cushman, and George E. Waring.  Formed in 1871, it meets for about 30 summers. The club's activities have a strong literary emphasis.  Geographical and cultural backgrounds of members vary widely. 


Dies at her summer home in 1910, ending an almost lifelong association with area.  Funeral is held at Channing Memorial Church, which she had attended regularly.  



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