Painting Collection Complete List

Alexander, Francis Patten, Joseph Hurlbut  Joseph Hurlbut Patten 
Allston, Washington Flagg, Rachel Moore Allston (Mrs. Henry Collins Flagg)  Rachel Moore Allston Flagg
Allston, Washington Rogers, Robert  Robert Rogers
Bergner, Jonas residence of Abraham Redwood Residence of Abraham Redwood 
Blackburn, Joseph, Attributed to  Harrison, Elizabeth Pelham (Mrs. Peter Harrison)  Elizabeth Pelham Harrison
Bucklin, Bradley Brayton Lawton, Mary (Polly)  Polly Lawton
Chapman, John Gadsby Washington, D.C. View of Washington, D.C. from Shooter's Hill 
Chartran, Theobald Webster, Hamilton Fish  Hamilton Fish Webster
Chartran, Theobald  Webster, Lina Post (Mrs. Hamilton Fish Webster)  Lina Post Webster
Chinnery, George Hou Qua (i.e. Mr. or Sir Hou) Hou Qua 
Cole, Joseph Greenleaf Turner, Daniel, Captain  Captain Daniel Turner
Cornè, Michele Felice  Cornè, Michele Felice Self-Portrait 
Cornè, Michele Felice  figure, reclining male Untitled drawing 
Cornè, Michele Felice  figures male and female Untitled drawing 
Cornè, Michele Felice  five figures  Better to Work than Stand Thus 
Cornè, Michele Felice  four standing figures, one facing viewer, three facing away  Untitled drawing
Cornè, Michele Felice  two figures, female Untitled drawing, ink 
Cotton, William H. Cotton, Charles, M.D. Dr. Charles Cotton 
Delin, Carolus (or Charles)  Eldred, Edward, Captain (?) Captain Edward Eldred (?) 
Elliott, John head of Dante  Dante
Feke, Robert Collins, Henry  Henry Collins
Feke, Robert Flagg, Ebenezer  Ebenezer Flagg (senior)
Feke, Robert  Flagg, Mary Ward  Mary Ward Flagg
Feke, Robert Hiscox, Thomas, Reverend  Reverend Thomas Hiscox
Feke, Robert Wanton, Mary Winthrop (Mrs. Joseph Wanton)  Mary Winthrop Wanton 
Feke, Robert Wilkinson, Philip, Captain  Captain Philip Wilkinson
Fraser, Charles (attributed to)  Dunlap, William William Dunlap 
Freedley, Durr (Jesse Jacob)  residence, Vaucluse, Portsmouth, Rhode Island  Vaucluse, Portsmouth, Rhode Island 
Freeland, O. S. Clarke, William Audley William Audley Clarke 
Freeland, O. S. Patten, William, Reverend  Patten, William, Reverend 
Gaines, Alan Jay Fall River Line Steamboat "Newport"  Fall River Line Steamboat "Newport" Departing 
Greer, M. M. or W.M. Geer  Gibbs, George William George William Gibbs 
Grosvenor, Richard Redwood Library Redwood Library 
H., B. (signed B.H.)  ships, Constellation and L'Insurgent on the 9th of February 1799  Untitled
Hall, Anne Ward family children  Julia, Samuel and Henry Ward
Hall, Anne Ward, Julia  Julia Ward 
Harding, Chester Adams, John Quincy John Quincy Adams 
Harding, Chester  Burr, Harriet Turner Harriet Turner Burr 
Harding, Chester Burr, Martin Martin Burr 
Harding, Chester Webster, Daniel Daniel Webster 
Hart, Alfred (attributed to)  Berkeley, George, Reverend Reverend George Berkeley 
Healy, George Peter Alexander  Healy, George Peter Alexander Self-Portrait 
Healy, George Peter Alexander  Pierce, Franklin, President Franklin Pierce 
Hervieu, Auguste Jean Jacques  Jackson, Andrew, General Andrew Jackson 
Heyder, John Devich Von  Marquand, Henry G. Henry G. Marquand 
Hoppin, Francis Laurence Vinton, Colonel  Redwood Library Redwood Library 
Hoppin, Francis Laurence Vinton, Colonel  Brown University Gates Brown University Gates 
Huntington, Daniel Irving, Washington Washington Irving 
Jalabert, Charles Francois  King, Alexander Mercer Portrait of a Boy, Alexander Mercer King 
Jalabert, Charles Francois  King, Edward Edward King 
Jarvis, John Wesley  Sterry, Louisa Anne Louisa Anne Sterry 
King, Charles Bird Adams, John John Adams 
King, Charles Bird Adams, John Quincy John Quincy Adams 
King, Charles Bird Adams, John John Adams 
King, Charles Bird Brown, Jacob, General Jacob Brown 
King, Charles Bird Calhoun, John Caldwell John Caldwell Calhoun 
King, Charles Bird Calmady, Emily and Laura Anne  Nature - Children of C. B. Calmady 
King, Charles Bird Coddington, William, Govenor William Coddington 
King, Charles Bird Corcoran, William Wilson  William Wilson Corcoran 
King, Charles Bird Crawford, William H. William H. Crawford 
King, Charles Bird Decatur, Stephen, Commodore Stephen Decatur 
King, Charles Bird Franklin, Benjamin Benjamin Franklin 
King, Charles Bird Gales, Joseph Joseph Gales 
King, Charles Bird Henry, Patrick Patrick Henry 
King, Charles Bird Jefferson, Thomas Thomas Jefferson 
King, Charles Bird Jefferson, Thomas Thomas Jefferson 
King, Charles Bird Johnston, Josiah Stoddard Josiah Stoddard Johnston 
King, Charles Bird King, Charles Bird Self-Portrait at 30 
King, Charles Bird King, Charles Bird Self-Portrait at 70 
King, Charles Bird King, David, M. D. Dr. David King 
King, Charles Bird Lafayette, Marquis de (born Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch Gilbert du Motier)  Marquis de Lafayette
King, Charles Bird Landscape with Catalogue Landscape with Catalogue 
King, Charles Bird Lee, Henry, General Henry Lee 
King, Charles Bird Livingston, Edward Edward Livingston 
King, Charles Bird Lovell, Joseph, M.D. Dr. Joseph Lovell 
King, Charles Bird Lovell, Margaret Mansfield, (Mrs. Joseph) Margaret Mansfield Lovell
King, Charles Bird Madison, James James Madison 
King, Charles Bird McDuffie, George  George McDuffie 
King, Charles Bird Payne, John Howard John Howard Payne 
King, Charles Bird  Pierce, Benjamin Benjamin Pierce 
King, Charles Bird Redwood, Abraham Abraham Redwood 
King, Charles Bird Rodgers, John, Commodore John Rodgers 
King, Charles Bird Seward, William Henry William Henry Seward 
King, Charles Bird Smith, Margaret Bayard (Mrs. Samuel Harrison Smith)  Margaret Bayard Smith
King, Charles Bird Southard, Samuel Lewis Samuel Lewis Southard 
King, Charles Bird Stewart, Delia Tudor (Mrs. Charles Stewart)  Delia Tudor Stewart
King, Charles Bird Stockton, Mrs. Mrs. Stockton of Virginia 
King, Charles Bird Thornton, William, M.D. Dr. William Thornton 
King, Charles Bird Van Rensselaer, Stephen, General Stephen Van Rensselaer 
King, Charles Bird Washington, George George Washington 
King, Charles Bird Washington, George George Washington 
King, Charles Bird Webster, Daniel Daniel Webster 
King, Charles Bird Wirt, William William Wirt 
King, Samuel Redwood, Abraham  Abraham Redwood
Kneller, Godfrey, Sir (attributed to)  Anne of Austria  Anne of Austria 
LaFarge, John  Bancroft, John John Bancroft 
LaFarge, John  Perry, Thomas Sergeant Thomas Sergeant Perry 
Lawrence, Thomas, Sir  Redwood, Abraham (grandson of founder of Redwood)  Abraham Redwood
Leutze, Emanuel Burnside, Ambrose Everett, General Ambrose Everett Burnside 
Mann, John Preston, Dr.  Hazard, Tom Tom Hazard 
Mason, George Champlin  Rocky Farm and Cherry Neck, Newport, R.I.  Rocky Farm and Cherry Neck, Newport, R.I. 
Mason, Sanford, attributed to  Perry, Oliver Hazard, Commodore  Oliver Hazard Perry
McFarlane, Duncan ship, Britannia, The The Britannia 
Moulthorp, Reuben Stiles, Ezra, Reverend Reverend Ezra Stiles 
Partridge, Nehemiah  Ward, Richard Richard Ward 
Peale, Charles Wilson  Bradford, William Jr. William Bradford, Jr. 
Peale, Rembrandt Washington, George George Washington 
Petersen, Johan Eric Christian  ship square-rigged, ship flying British flag  J. O. Rogers, or J.O. Roberts, or J. O. Peters 
Pratt, Henry Cheever  Ellery, Adeline Burr Adeline Burr Ellery 
Pratt, Henry Cheever  Walker, William Johnson, M.D. Dr. William Johnson Walker 
Rogers, Eliza J. Rogers, William, Reverend Reverend William Rogers 
Ruysch, Rachael, attributed to  flowers in a vase Flowers in a Vase 
Sands, Louis Harrison, Elizabeth Pelham (Mrs. Peter Harrison)  Elizabeth Pelham Harrison
Sands, Louis Harrison, Peter  Peter Harrison
Sargent, Henry Ellery, William William Ellery 
Smibert, John Collins, Henry  Henry Collins
Staigg, Richard Morrell  King, David, M.D. Dr. David King 
Staigg, Richard Morrell  Rhoades, Benjamin Hurd Benjamin Hurd Rhoades 
Staigg, Richard Morrell  Robeson, Andrew Andrew Robeson 
Sterner, Albert Terry, Roderick, Reverend Reverend Roderick Terry (drawing) 
Stuart, Gilbert Banister, Christian and son (Mrs. John Banister and her son John)  Christian Banister and Son
Stuart, Gilbert Banister, John John Banister 
Stuart, Gilbert Redwood, William William Redwood 
Stuart, Gilbert Ridgely, Charles Goodwin, Commodore  Charles Goodwin Ridgely 
Stuart, Gilbert Rivera, Jacob Rodriguez Jacob Rodriguez Rivera 
Stuart, Gilbert Stuart, Gilbert Self-Portrait at 24 
Stuart, Gilbert Waterhouse, Benjamin, M.D. Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse 
Stuart, Jane Callender, John, Reverend  Reverend John Callender
Stuart, Jane Thurston, Caroline Marsh  Caroline Marsh Thurston
Stuart, Jane Washington, George  George Washington
Sully, Thomas Girl with a Parrot  Young Girl with a Parrot
Tallmadge, Thomas Duncan  Wilson, Andrew Chalmers, Reverend Dr.  Reverend Dr. Andrew Chalmers Wilson
Tallmadge, Thomas Duncan  Wilson, Mary Fuller Sturges (Mrs. Andrew Chalmers)  Mrs. Andrew Chalmers Wilson
Theobald, Samuel, Jr.  Clarke, Audley Audley Clarke 
Theüs, Jeremiah  Moore, Elizabeth Vanderhorst Elizabeth Vanderhorst Moore 
Tisch, William residence Bonniecrest, Harrison Avenue, Newport  Bonniecrest, Newport
Ville, Guilliam de (thought to be)  Clarke, John (possibly) Portrait of a Clergyman 
Waldo, Samuel Lovett and William Jewett  Thurston, Charles Myrick Charles Myrick Thurston 
Wenzler, Anthon Henry  Bryant, William Cullen William Cullen Bryant 
Willard, William Lincoln, Abraham Abraham Lincoln 
Artist unknown Bunyan, John John Bunyan 
Artist unknown Butler, Emilie Huldah Backus (Mrs. Samuel Butler)  Emilie Huldah Backus Butler
Artist Unknown Butler, Samuel, M.D. Dr. Samuel Butler 
Artist unknown portrait of a gentleman (possibly Eli Whitney)  Portrait of a Gentleman
Artist unknown  Rhoades, Benjamin Hurd Benjamin Hurd Rhoades 
Artist unknown Sanvitale, Galeazzo or Fernando Magellan, possibly  Galeazzo Sanvitale
Artist unknown Vespucci, Amerigo (?)  Portrait of a Man
Artist unknown (possibly Thomas Hudson?)  Wanton, Joseph Joseph Wanton 
Artist Unknown King, David, M.D. Dr. David King 
Artist Unknown (formerly attributed to Samuel King)  Mumford, Paul Paul Mumford 
Artist Unknown Pemberton, Ebenezer Pemberton, Reverend Reverend Ebenezer Pemberton
Artist Unknown portrait of a gentleman (possible subjects: Christopher Frye or Joseph Peace Hazard)  Portrait of a Gentleman
Artist Unknown (attributed to John Wollaston)  Robinson, James, M.D. Dr. James Robinson 
Artist Unknown Touro, Judah  Judah Touro