Matthias Lock

Matthias Lock 



"The famous Mr.Matt Lock . . . 

reputed the best Draftsman in that way 

that had ever been in England." - 1


English carver and furniture designer who some claim influenced Chippendale. The Redwood's "New Book of Ornaments" (1768) shows how Lock not only introduced French rococo style to England, but gave it new twists, including 'C' scrolls, masks, birds, dragons, and water forms: 


A New Drawing Book of Ornaments, 

Masks, Compartments, Shields, etc. 
with selected images
drawn and engraved by M. Lock
From the Redwood's Cynthia Cary Collection
As for Lock's alledged influence on Chippendale, Gilbert recounts that in 1929, Fiske Kimball and Edna Donnell deduced, from stylistic similarities in their work, that Chippendale worked on a sub-contract basis for Lock before setting off on his own. A more generally held view is the reverse: that Lock was employed by Chippendale, c. 1752. 
The Redwood's Cynthia Cary Collection contains seven of Matthew Lock's books of ornament, plus four other of his works. 
Furniture in Print: Pattern Books from the Redwood Library by Christopher P. Monkhouse and Thomas S. Michie explains the Cynthia Cary Collection and is available from the Redwood Library. 
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