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Before the celebrity chefs we watch were celebrities, they were cooking on the line in some restaurant, before that they were culinary students, and even before that they were children helping their mother or father in the kitchen by assisting in making something from a cookbook. In the age of the internet cookbooks are not getting much attention but it offers a tangible way to create a delicious meal and has a greater chance of sinking into your memory. Turning the pages, running a finger down the page to scan the ingredients, and looking at the picture of the finished product and how it compares to yours is where all chefs truly began. Here at the Redwood Library we have more than just fiction and mystery. Our section of cook books spans many different culinary styles, and food types. Looking for something a little more…Newport? We certainly can help with that. Come check out one of these fine cookbooks!

The Newport Cookbook

by Ceil Dyer

Inside is a collection of authentic recipes and menus from every era of Newport’s wonderful history.

Entertaining Newport Style

published by the Preservation Society of Newport County

Broken up not by chapters but by one of their great mansions, this cookbook offers unique menu ideas for entertaining with that high society Newport flair.

Newport Cooks and Collects

compiled and edited by Shirley Riess

 Another lovely cookbook with favorite recipes from folks just like us living in Newport

The Elms Fair Cookbook

by Stephen Lirakis and Richard Nelson 

This cookbook has numerous recipes for any occasion and is divided up by course.


The Hammersmith Farm Cookbook

compiled and edited by Gwen Kelley and Jenny Kuehn

 This unique cookbook is divided up into four parts, two with historic recipes from Newport’s early times and the other favorite recipes from the staff at Hammersmith Farm and surrounding restaurants and caterers. 

Food from the Founding Fathers: Recipes from Five Colonial Seaports

by Helen Newbury Burke 

This cookbook contains hundreds of tasty dishes from Olds Boston, Newport, New York, Charleston, and Philadelphia, a perfect selection for someone who enjoys history with a culinary flair.


The New England Cookbook: 350 Recipes from Town and Country, Land and Sea, Hearth and Home

by Brooke Dojny 

New Englanders have been enjoying the harvest of the land and the bounty of the sea longer than any other Americans. Dojny reveals the perfectly mouthwatering dishes in her witty celebration of New England cuisine.


For Those who prefer to watch instructional videos check out:

Julia Child: The Way to Cook

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